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Welcome to Global Enterprise Consulting

GEC represents a team of professionals engaged in the domain of Accounting, Finance, Taxation, Compliance, Information Technology and Law. The firm consists of a team of professionally qualified Chartered Accountants, MBAs, Engineers and Attorneys that are equipped with significant industry knowledge and experience in advisory and business plan strategy.
Our approach is to support our clients through a detailed understanding of their requirements and assist them with long-term strategic solutions. We provide Canada, USA & India accounting services to obtain and sustain a high level of our client’s success. We understand our clients need to save time, and money and work together to find effective solutions for bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and business needs

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the most trusted partner supporting our clients through excellence in delivery exclusively with fair industry practices.

Our Values

Our vision is to recognize and establish ourselves for delivering a service standard so high that it becomes a benchmark by which our clients measure the performance of others. This will be accomplished by creating a culture of pride and passion that will enable us to continue attracting and retaining the best professional clientele.

Service Strategy

Our service strategy is simple and focused. We support our client’s businesses by undertaking a thorough need analysis and developing a proactive approach towards simplistic, innovative solutions.
We recommend solutions based on short-term, medium-range, and long-term business plans for our clients. The process includes regular and timely communication with clients about future movements and supporting the execution of the plan. A constant review of processes, in line with changes in the business environment, is undertaken and followed.

Why Us

GEC helps your businesses to grow in a smarter way. We provide complete support to our clients and enable them to identify and strengthen their core competencies, reduce operational costs, and manage regulations and risks. By enabling businesses transformation, we support our clients to achieve a long-term value from our services. Be it strategy, operations, finance, technology or risks, we strongly believe in ‘desired changes are to be adapted by all.’ We give you the following reasons to choose us as your consultants:

Highly Multinational Experienced team of professionals

A cumulative experience in consulting and advisory services for more than 80 years, our firm and team continue to strive hard and reap gains of our expertise and knowledge for our clients.

High-Tech Infrastructure & Technology

GEC is equipped with all infrastructural facilities like space, hardware, software and more which is required in today’s technical era to remain in the field. We keep our systems and software’s updated to meet the compliance requirements in various fields.

Fast and Scalable Services

While your company focuses on core business activities and value-added services, we will complete your accounting work with zero defects. Our fast and accurate services will get you an edge over your competitors. Further our finance and accounting services are scalable, you can easily scale your requirements up or down as necessary. We help you with critical financial work and as well as seasonal workload.

Significant Cost Savings

You get access to expert and trained staff of chartered accountants at much lower cost, without compromising on quality. Further you save on infrastructure cost, employment taxes and overhead costs. You further save money on recruiting skilled accountants.

Ethical working

We work on the Code of Ethics revolving around integrity, objectivity and most important among all – Professional Due care and competence. This discipline has brought us to respect us the values we believe in the most and allows us to put these into action. At GEC, we conduct all our business practice within the framework of professional standards and laws.

Competitive Pricing

As a prime support from our dedicated team, we offer services of full time professional consultants and accountants at very competitive prices. Considering substantial costs you may incur on hiring a professional, you will value the services you get at GEC. Our services match your expectations at considerably reasonable fees. In this manner, you are able to match your growth objectives, while controlling higher consulting costs.

Data Security

We appreciate the value of client’s data and information and respect the confidential nature of the same. Ensuring the confidentiality of client’s data is our first priority as we have incorporated stringent checks in place, on restricting the access of data by authorised people only.
There are physical and Network security arrangements with most advanced means of safeguarding the data. We enter into strict Non-Disclosure Agreements with our clients and ensure that data security is given regard during every stage of our work. We have adequate power back-ups and physical safeguards in place to ensure that there is no data loss and the same can be recovered through routine backups. In a nutshell, you can expect us to support you on parameters including:

1. Physical and work floor security

We ensure Physical and work floor security via

  • Continuous monitoring of space and people through recording devices;
  • Restriction on the use of external storage devices;
  • Existing Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) and Business Continuity Plans (BCP)

2. Network security

Network security can be ensured via

  • Use of dedicated security lines and SSL
  •  Separate LAN and most advanced firewall protection

3. Data security

We assure data security by

  • Routine data backup and storage at a safe location (physical and cloud)
  • Permitting clients to be able to view their data at their discretion