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GEC supports its clients in India with business setup, bookkeeping, accounting, audit & assurance services including internal, management, operation/efficiency, special purpose, tax advisory & compliances etc. We aim to bring a distinguished approach to rendering professional services through its experience and knowledge in the industry. Our goal is to detract the burden of non-core functions by managing them in a more proficient, gainful, and beneficial way. Our bookkeepers are well-equipped to support all aspects of your needs. We deliver a level of unwavering quality, consistency, and expertise that is typically reserved for mid-market companies with large accounting.

Well, here you go! You want to start a business and not sure what form of the entity you need to start working with. This could be more challenging considering your business expansion plans, revenue, taxation, contribution from family, and claims you need to make on assets of business. Deciding which form of business you should choose for your next venture is crucial. Whether you need to start your business as a proprietorship, or a partnership or a private company, or a public company it can be a difficult decision at an early stage and challenging at a later stage. You may be surprised to know that the right form of your business structure can help you save a considerable amount of taxes, claim business expenses and help complete registration formalities at considerable lesser costs.

In today’s world, compliance is more complicated and requires a detailed professional insight to ensure that the compliance requirements are duly met. At GEC, we ensure that the right understanding of the tax laws is done and opinion offered to our clients is valuable for their business. Be it direct tax laws or indirect tax laws requirements, we at GEC have served both areas with comprehensive understanding and knowledge of subject. Our team has an expertise in taxation domain through an in-depth analysis of current and prospective changes in tax laws. Our services include:

A. Tax Compliances:

  • Registrations under various Acts;

  • Filing of periodic Tax Returns and other documents

  • Advance tax estimation and deposit

  • Obtaining Advance tax Rulings

  • Liaison with Income tax department for rectification, assessment, appeals etc

  • Dealing with issues of Tax Deductions/withholding tax

B. Tax Advisory

  • Corporate tax planning through innovative tax strategies and proper planning to minimize tax incidence

  • Designing / restructuring salary structure to minimize tax burden;

  • Writing opinions on various tax issues

  • Providing regular updates on amendments, circulars, notifications & judgments

  • Opinions on the various Double Tax Avoidance Agreement-related issues

  • Advising business entities on tax implications consequent to acquisition or succession

  • Designing tax strategies for the reconstruction of entities, acquisitions, amalgamations, liquidation, and mergers

  • Screening new projects, defining the scope of the project and doing a comprehensive feasibility study to determine the viability of new ventures projecting cash flow & growth opportunities

  • Evaluating capital investment proposals and calculation of project IRR’s, duration, Sensitivity analysis etc

  • Developing project plan and suggested deliverables and milestones

  • Preparing detailed reports in required format for the lender including CMA, cash flows, funds flow, Profitability Statements, and other financial parameters

  • Liaison with banks and financial Institutions to support raising funds from various Financial institutions / Banks

  • Liaison with regulatory authorities for sanctions & approvals

Be it any size of a business, there is a continuous need to measure the funding requirements for it. The most relevant question is what is the right source of funding – keeping in view both long term and short term needs of the business and risks and costs attached to the funding manner. Interestingly, many businesses fail to recognise how much funds they actually need and suffer from financial risks. At GEC, we help you identify the right funding requirement and also the source of funding by doing a thorough evaluation of:

At GEC, we support our clients with internal, management, operation/efficiency, special purpose audit & assurance services through risk-based global auditing practices. This helps us to provide value-added audit and assurance services to our clients. The Indian arm of GEC is aimed to bring a distinguished approach to rendering professional services through its experience and knowledge in the industry.
GEC focuses on a strict adherence to the Code of Ethics while rendering its professional services to its clients and in its behavior. The Code of Ethics about Integrity, Confidentiality, Objectivity, Professional Competence, and Due Care Professional Behaviour is embedded within the culture at GEC.
Especially the assurance engagements expect a professional competence in approach and are highly regarded by us at GEC, knowing well the entity’s business and the environment in which it operates, and ensuring that any specialized knowledge required by the engagement is adequately applied. As it applies in the case of an auditing profession, professional scepticism is maintained at all engagements. This probably has resulted in our clients respecting and valuing our services.

GEC believes in strict compliance with various Laws of the land. Even a day’s delay may cost you heavily. Apart from having a highly motivated team and automated tools for complying requirements of various laws, we have developed high-end automated task management tools to administer numerous deadlines in the most effective way. Our compliance services include:

A.    Corporate Law

  • Incorporation of Company including Not-For-Profit company u/s 8 of Companies Act 2013,

  • Incorporation of Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs),

  • Consultancy on Company Law matters,

  • Filing of various returns and forms with the Registrar of Companies

  • Maintenance of Statutory records

  • Secretarial services such as drafting of minutes

  • Inspection of documents filed with Registrar of Companies.

B.     Registrations, compliance, consultation, litigation with:

  • Labour Laws Authorities viz. ESI/PF

  • Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) for Import Export (IE) Codes, EPCG License, Duty Refunds

  • Registrar of Partnerships

  • Industrial Department

  • Trade Mark, Copy-Rights, Patent Registration Authorities

  • Quality Standard (ISO/ISI/FPO) etc.,

  • Registrar of Societies/Trust

At GEC, we serve our clients in the field of Accounting Advisory through the use of specialised, most advanced yet flexible technology platforms. This enables them to understand the business accounting needs and prepare themselves for any prospective changes likely to take place in accounting / reporting requirements. We work in the capacity of a strategic partner, rather than just being an outside agency.
Our methodology is:

  • To have a detailed understanding of the business and recommending accounting solutions appropriate for the business

  • To support development of accounting policy manual keeping in view the global reporting requirements

  • To ensure highest levels of integrity and professionalism

  • To set up the processes to bring in benchmark solutions or best practices in the accounting domain

  • To develop long term solution and ensure quality customised solutions

We assist in all types of transactions including acquisitions, mergers, amalgamations, demergers, joint ventures, private equity, divestitures, etc. In an era of heightened economic and industrial growth in diverse sectors, transactions involve high stakes in terms of capital and risk. We believe that a successful transaction is the result of a well thought-out process that requires thorough understanding of the commercial, regulatory and tax aspect of the business. We offer comprehensive end-to-end transaction advisory services which encompass:

A. Business Restructuring
We provide pragmatic and innovative business restructuring advice for mergers, amalgamations, de-merger, spin-offs or joint ventures. We assist clients in reorganizing and structuring their businesses with a view to achieve tax optimization, effectuate family governance charters, increased value to stakeholders and effective management of operations.
Our team of business restructuring specialists implements a systematic restructuring plan with a well-defined timeline. We handhold our clients right from conceptualization till the actual implementation-with active partnership in drawing up concept paper, scheme, valuations, legal requirements, analysing various restructuring alternatives and assisting in implementation of selected alternatives. Our long term perspective towards restructuring services facilitates our clients to mitigate future risk pertaining to regulatory or taxation compliances.
B. Negotiations
Negotiation is an essential component of business activity and strategy and our services provide our clients with the necessary active and passive support to enhance value in any situation. Our skill in commercial negotiations facilitates our clients with tailor-made negotiation strategies to achieve its objective through mutually acceptable solutions.
Our experience in analysing numerous deals and agreements proves valuable to clients, whether they are start-ups or large conglomerates seeking to maximize value of their business. We have effectively negotiated for diverse scenarios including family partitions, joint ventures, investments, divestments, franchisee agreements and more.
C. Valuations
An effective valuation is the result of in-depth analysis, experience and professional judgment that meets the objective of the stakeholders. We provide assistance for valuations in all transactions such as business transfers or acquisitions, joint ventures, divestitures, financial and strategic investments etc. We also provide support in valuations for statutory compliances.
We use robust methodologies in arriving at a business valuation including financial modelling and application of appropriate valuation methods with an aim to assist the business decisions of our clients.
D. Due Diligence
It is imperative to have reliable, timely and qualitative information in any potential transaction to enable informed decision making. We offer the following services:
Business Due Diligence
Accounting & Financial Due Diligence
Tax Due Diligence